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Large Format Marketing & Branding Design Pojects

Large format designs can be challenging considering the size of the file needs to be commensurate with the size of the final product. Such was the challenge when commissioned to give the new UNT Green Brigade Marching Band transport trailers an impactful look. While other designs were submitted, I chose to establish a sleek, modern look that would not only appeal to the band members, but raise the intrigue level of everyone nearby. 

Green Brigade Trailer 2 Back.jpg
Green Brigade Trailer 2 Front.jpg
Green Brigade Trailer 1 - Mockup.jpg
Green Brigade Trailer 2 - Mockup.jpg

Integrating a dominant figure on each side establishes a direct intimacy with the viewer, while the clashing color divide helps guide the eyes to the context of the design. Utilizing the university mascot as the divider completed the large panels with a powerful university branding element. My desire was to establish a dynamic contrast between each element that helped unify the overall message. On the rear of the trailer, I took the opportunity to have a modern method of connecting with the organization by including a QR code along with the website.

Always engage with your audience!

Right Side Panel WT SM.jpg
Left Side Panel WT SM.jpg

And while not as large as the trailers, we followed up that project with designing the wrap for the UNT College of Music Admissions tour cart. Due to limited space, we really had to make an impactful message stand out. Admissions is the first step to any university recruiting, and this team was at the forefront of all the major outreach efforts to prospective students. Featuring the official Diving Eagle branding element, the message was clear and concise to establish a welcoming presence for all of our potential recruits!

Approaching its 25th anniversary, the Murchison Performing Arts Center has been on the list for various renovations and updates. As I walked through the halls, I noticed that not only are our donor recognitions not featured prominently, there is nothing... nothing that labels the location. No sign, no plaque, no entry façade with etched nameplate.

Performing Arts Center Template copy.png

Here at the College of Music, we believe whole-heartedly that we have a responsibility to improve every facet of a student's experience, including facilities improvement. With that in mind, I decided to mock up a grand entryway sign that provides a sense of acknowledgement of the location, and more importantly those who supported the opportunity for this university to provide such quality facilities and experiences for our students. My campaign grew to include crafting a new brand identity graphic that could be utilized to further improve the facility's exterior elements and for new professional identification cards featuring the new logo for our event staff to utilize.

Murchison Lobby Sign.jpg
Access Badge2.jpg
Access Badge.jpg
Access Badge6.jpg
Access Badge5.jpg
Murchison Lobby Sign Angle 2.jpg
Murchison Entryway concept 1.jpg

Other graphic campaigns I have embarked on to improve the visual appeal of our facilities include window graphics such as the Admissions window spread below. As a marketing team, we strive to help reinforce the reputation, recruitment and recognition of our college. 

The mission of the UNT College of Music is to serve our diverse
musical culture with excellence, integrity and imagination.

Bottom Full SM.jpg
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