What is MH?
Well me of course. MH stands for Matt Hellman. I specialize in producing the highest quality designs and photography for promotional and marketing purposes, product exposure and client branding. I work with businesses of all sizes that requre professional marketing content.

What kind of photography do you do?

I have settled into primarily performance and sports photography. I love shooting things moving fast, lots of action and the constant challenge of freezing the moment. 
Oh and food photography... because why not?

Do you shoot weddings?
As a rule, no (at least not as primary). My reasons being: 
1) I know there are n^million photographers out there that specialize in that sort of thing and are better than me at it so I let them do their thing, and
2) I would rather be the secondary photographer who gets to shoot the cool candid stuff.

How many people work under the MH brand?

Just me. Every picture and design featured here is solely my own work. Expansion is a "future me" conversation.

I don't see any prices on you website...

Correct. I don't list pricing information because every project is different with its own variables. Send me a message here for quotes.

What kind of design work do you do?

I will do anything I am commissioned to do. Need a new brand or logo, you got it. Need a website, let's talk. Want some print products made? That's right up my alley!

Design styles I specialize in:

   • Magazines

   • Infographics & Maps

   • Logos & Branding

   • Websites

How long have you been in the creative business?

Professionally, I have been taking clients and working with professional media groups for 10 years now. Feel free to check out my CLIENTS page. Maybe you will be next on the list!

• Newspapers

• Brochures/Flyers

• Tabloids

• Conceptual artwork

Can I use your photos for...

WEB -  Yes you can, but only without cropping the logo out:
   •Posting on any personal or fan page social media outlet,

    using as a Facebook/Twitter cover, etc. (Must include logo

    when clicked on – NO CROPPING LOGO OUT. You must

    credit me in the description.)
   •For use in an online article as part of a blog without the logo

    cropped and credited to "Matt Hellman/MH Photography"

MEDIA: Use in any media broadcast, online digital or print product must be pre-approved, please send all inquiries for permission to
EDUCATION: (such as a school project, etc…), with the proper credit. If you do, let me know or send me a link! I want to see your project! NOTE: With permission, logo can be cropped out.

​Copyright © 2008 - 2019, Matt Hellman - All Rights Reserved

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