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For me, nothing was quite as vexing as knowing that my own personal website was more professionally constructed than the design company I was employed with. If there was ever a more obvious scenario of demonstrating my value, it was in that moment. When I first found out Granite Publications had a website and various other digital assets, I had already been with the company for a few months. The website was in an abhorrent state, with typography running off the page, the company logo not loading and no manner of understanding for content organization or featuring information about what the company had to offer.

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Fortunately I was in a position to remedy the situation, an moreover, slice out a new role for myself within the company as the digital content coordinator. The former web editor of the administrative staff had recently left the company and through coordination with the vice president of operations, I took the reigns of all of Granite's digital assets, domains, hosting services and news outlet websites. The first priority was to establish a digital company brand and help strengthen our regional position. It didn't take long to gather the necessary company assets and research needed to begin organizing web content and build a catalog of necessary user information. 

I took what I needed and created a responsive design that heavily emphasized the the vision of Granite Publications, the communities we served and most importantly what products and services our business had to offer to potential clients. But why stop there? I then looked inward to showcase the talent and facilities teams as well as establish an employee portal for convenient access to all the necessary employment, healthcare, payroll and taxing information.

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Following the successful quality of the website, the VP instituted a quarterly internal digital newsletter to be produced that would help promote team communication with all of our regional news outlets and the creative services devision. Leaping off of the feature magazine style of our print products, the digital newsletter would be represented in a digital flip-book style of a magazine, as a nod to the primary feature products of our industry.

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40th Anniversary Granite Newsletter Cove
2018 Granite Publications Quarterly Q1.j
2019 Granite Publications Quarterly Q3.j
2018 Granite Publications Quarterly Q4.j
2019 Granite Publications Quarterly Q4.j
2018 Granite Publications Quarterly Q2.j