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Improved Image Lasers Spa is a private laser surgery practice specializing in surgical cosmetic treatments with a range of beauty services, including laser hair removal, radio-frequency skin tightening, vaginal rejuvenation, and laser liposuction with fat transfer. The Taylor-based group reached out to me to update their existing website so they could be competitive with the more established Austin area companies. 

Their original website featured a laundry list of issues, the most extreme being that it was hosted by VistaPrint and was a basic template with minimal editorial content and no representing visuals or branding of any sorts. Aside from the obsolete template, lack of responsive design and highly restricted interface options, Improved Image also didn't yet have an established, recognizable, unique brand.

Branding was the first step in my process and fortunately their facilities featured a unique statue of a sculpted woman. This statue was ideal for artistic rendering and digitizing to serve as the visual brand of the company. After scrapping and gutting the old website, the new direction was to transition the spa's web presence to cater to the feminine audience that served as the primary client base.

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The next step was to build their visual presence. I included an interior and exterior photo shoot as part of the project along with various social media banners, brochures and business card branding. As a small community business, I was happy to receive the opportunity to lay a foundation for their modern brand. 

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