Print & Digital Design Initiatives

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Seeking to modernize their marketing opportunities with area school districts, the Navasota Examiner news organization chose to produce sports-related print and digital content directed at invigorating the student and parent population through sleek and creative products usually seen only at the collegiate and professional sports level. The intention was to offer a listing of the fall sports programs that could be monetized at the fall season openers and also serve as a media guide for the district.

Working with the publisher and senior sports editor on what initially began as a sports tabloid, I directed the design concepts towards the more widely popular glossy magazine orientation, utilizing design strategies regularly tapped on by college sports creative directors for their athletic media guides.

Navasota Rattlers Left.png
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Over the course of the past four years, the original initiative has been developed and expanded upon to create an annual unique fall sports media program, seasonal mini-guides, bi-annual athletic team posters and promotional district banners.

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