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Solar Rain is a licensed and insured Fire Performance and flame effects organization in Central Texas. Their shows include batons, poi, fans, and many other unique props and choreography. Their primary audience and clients are major art festivals such as Texas Renaissance Festival, Sherwood Forest Faire, Austin's Art Outside and Texas Viking Fest, although they also host and perform at private events. My experience in photography was what first connected me to Solar Rain.

Aside from providing the group with professional action photography and serving as their exclusive photographer, the full scope of the marketing campaign included rebranding their logo and typography, creating original graphic materials like business cards, posters and social media banners, a custom built responsive website and producing multimedia content.

Their original logo was based of a hand drawn concept by one of the former group performers. While the design was a good base concept, it was rough around the edges and didn't translate well to digital material as a flattened graphic. After digitizing it, I proceeded to clean it up and then decided to redevelop the idea into a multi-layered life-like design that currently serves as their primary brand. 

After a few months, I turned my sights on their website, which was based on a generic blog-style scrolling template. I decided to scrap the entire build and establish a new foundation that would benefit the general consumer by providing performance information, member descriptions, visual galleries, multimedia assets and a simplified contact section. The responsive design allowed for mobile and tablet access, something sorely needed considering most site visitors were accessing it from mobile phones at renaissance festivals.



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