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Responsive digital format and online design projects

While I don't consider myself a professional of web design in comparison to my marketing design and photography abilities, I generally don't turn away an opportunity when requested or recommended. The web designs featured here presented me with opportunities to enhance my understanding of audience engagement, other business structures and large client negotiations. The ability or refresh a website to feature responsive, interactive elements and remove inflexibility and unappealing features really engages my creative side. I was proud to help create effective digital brand identities for each of these clients. 

Not all web projects are the same. Some require a full website, some require only branding and identity, and some just need regular maintenance. The University of North Texas College of Music is one of the largest public university music programs in the nation, and one of the oldest. Featuring eight divisions, over 70 ensembles and over 1100 performances a year, their website is constantly changing and adapting to promote recruitment, reputation and recognition across all spectrums. 

Ranging from  updating faculty bios and replacing header images to larger projects like renovating the Admissions page, a modern, user-friendly design is the primary goal.


We are always trying to improve the user experience of our sections and build simple, elegant navigation structures. On the other hand, the other key element is to have a visually impactful appeal that showcases the experiences and opportunities prospective students could look forward to. Fundamentally, we seek to provide answers to both parents considering our programs and how they might find their way to becoming future Eagles!

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